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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Assignment for Public Speaking. :(

Lagenda Budak Setan, i'm sure that all of us had watched this movie. Actually, this movie is an adaption from the novel LBS by Ahadiat Akashah which is famous and people always talk about it. The novelist tell us a story of love, yes. totally about love. love sometimes can give us inspirations. LBS story can realy changed our perceptions of love.

First of all, LBS is a book that I think it is the best for me. Reading this book make me feel that love is not totally fair. Love had been written since we are born.If we try to fight it, then, it will turned to hurt the lovers. Hence, we should appreciate love for our own good.

Next, in this book there are characters that are full with hot tempered attitude; Azmi. He did a cruel act to his girlfriend;Ayu. Then, when Azmi lost Ayu, he try to tackle back Ayu for his own importance. However, he failed. yes! He did got everything that he wanted, but it reflects back to his attitudes. Ayu leave him after she had an accident because of Azmis own action.

Last but not least, LBS can give us more informations about love. We sacrificed everything for love. We ignored all the damn things for the good ones. But, love is not the best choice for certain persons. But we can just try to be the best for each other. If Allah wills, there are flying colours later on.

So, I think LBS can improve me to be a good person and teach me a lots about love. Lastly, we should appreciate our couple to have a wonderful life.

p/s : aku budak baru belajar. English x tara mana. Cuma post dalam ni, saja diari aku. kerja-kerja aku. so, if ada pembetulan, tegur naa. :) thank you. :)

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